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Frequently Asked Questions

You can already feel it coming: that depends on many factors. Such as: does our mutual communication go like a rocket or does it mainly take place through recorded voicemail messages due to full agendas? But okay, we can give a small pass. The most important thing is quantity. We are talking about the number of pages that need to be designed and the amount of requested functionalities. Assuming an average WordPress website with eight to ten pages, you should count on a turnaround time of one to one and a half months

We have already hidden the answer a bit in the question. We only build real custom websites. There are several reasons for that. First of all: we are not only developers but also designers. And designers design things themselves. Second, we believe it is impossible for a template to match your wishes 100 percent. Third: standard templates always have design limitations. Fourth, they slow down a website by loading unnecessary functionality. Fifth: if you want an extension or adjustments afterwards, you depend on the code of the template creator. That almost always causes problems. In short: we don’t all start with that. We make beautiful, functional, contemporary, steady and tailor-made websites.

Once you’ve approved the first draft of your website in the making, you’ll get three rounds of corrections for each page. When these rounds are ‘on’, we consider the design final. If you still want to adjust something afterwards, we call that additional work. That means we charge extra costs. We will of course always communicate about this in advance. Experience has shown that, as a rule, we come out very well together within three revision rounds. It does require of you as a customer that you always provide all information clearly and that you properly communicate your wishes with regard to logo, fonts and use of color.

Once the design is final, we convert it to responsive HTML/CSS code. This means that you can already assess the website in a browser. In this development phase you are also entitled to three correction rounds per page. After this correction phase, we implement the code in a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress and test the website extensively. When you give the green light, we will publish your brand new custom website on your domain.

Then we take care of weekly updates, daily backups and conflict management. The latter simply means that we solve any problems for you without you noticing. When it comes to errors that lead to conflict outside our responsibility, this is not covered by our standard support. If you want us to solve this for you, we will do that in consultation after a quote. Do you need more support anyway? Of course we are also there for you. To be precise with our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Sounds very classy but it really just means that we help you well.


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