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At Studio Ubique, we don't just make things look good - we help your (small) business reach its potential and thrive in a competitive marketplace. We understand your target audience and their needs, so we can craft a web design that works for you.

Our creativity, clever marketing tactics, and continuous testing will help your website attract potential buyers and convert them into customers.

What's more, we provide top-notch content that stands out from the rest. See our portfolio and contact us today to learn how Studio Ubique can take your small business to the next level!

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We understand that design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about creating a great user experience and achieving tangible business results. We create bespoke websites with a distinct style that match your brand and help you stand out from the crowd.

We use powerful CMSs like WordPress with WooCommerce and Shopify to build websites that are easy to maintain and update. With our experience in web development, you can rest assured that the back end of your website is optimized and secure. We will help you to meet your goals, maximize conversions, and reach more users at an affordable price.

We’re experts in developing interactive content that gets results.

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As you tell us about your vision for the design, we get right to the core of your idea to truly understand your vision and bring it to life.

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Once we have the vision down for your website, we get to work. You’ll also always in-the-know, able to see the process of the design and give your feedback as we go.

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At last! A top-notch professional website that truly represents your business, and it’s ready to get clients tripping through your door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can already feel it coming: that depends on many factors. Such as: does our mutual communication go like a rocket or does it mainly take place through recorded voicemail messages due to full agendas? But okay, we can give a small pass. The most important thing is quantity. We are talking about the number of pages that need to be designed and the amount of requested functionalities.

Assuming an average WordPress or Shopify website with eight to ten pages, you should expect a turnaround time of two to four and weeks. It also depends on whether you have all the necessary brand materials and content. If not, please keep in mind that they need to be prepared before we can begin. We can handle this for you or you can take care of it on your own.

Web design and UX/UI design are two distinct but related fields in the web development process.

Web design is the process of designing and creating the visual layout and elements of a website. This includes the layout, color scheme, typography, images and other visual elements that make up the look and feel of a website. Web designers work to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate and provide a good user experience.

UX/UI design, on the other hand, is the process of designing and creating the user experience and user interface of a website. This includes the overall flow and structure of the website, the organization of content, and the design of interactive elements such as buttons and forms. The goal of UX/UI design is to make sure that the website is intuitive and easy to use for visitors, and that it meets the specific needs of the target audience.

In summary, web design is more about the visual aspect of the website, while UX/UI design is more about the overall user experience and user interface of the website. Both are important for creating a successful website, but they are distinct fields with different goals and processes.

Once you’ve approved the first draft of your website in the making, you’ll get three rounds of corrections for each page. When these rounds are ‘on’, we consider the design final. If you still want to adjust something afterwards, we call that additional work. That means we charge extra costs. We will of course always communicate about this in advance. Experience has shown that, as a rule, we come out very well together within three revision rounds. It does require of you as a customer that you always provide all information clearly and that you properly communicate your wishes with regard to logo, fonts and use of color.

Once the design is final, we convert it to responsive HTML/CSS code. This means that you can already assess the website in a browser. In this development phase you are also entitled to three correction rounds per page. After this correction phase, we implement the code in a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Shopify and test the website extensively. When you give the green light, we will publish your brand new custom website on your domain.

We don’t know if redesigning is a real word, but we absolutely can and we love to do it. Based on your existing website, we try to get a good idea of who you are, what you do or what you sell. Maybe you have a new logo or there is another reason for your redesign. In any case, we are very curious! We are ready for you to prepare a cool makeover with you.

Nou en of! Sterker nog, we vinden het fantastisch om te doen want nu kunnen we jouw website optimaal voor je onderhouden. Zo zorgen we er bijvoorbeeld voor dat-ie altijd up-to-date is, dat er regelmatig back-ups worden gemaakt en dat hij 24/7 wordt gemonitord. En we kunnen nog wel meer voor je regelen. Wat dacht je ervan om je domeinnaam en e-mail (in de cloud) bij ons in beheer te geven? Superslim, want als wij het totaaloverzicht over jouw online omgeving hebben, kunnen we een eventuele storing ook binnen no-time voor je traceren en verhelpen. Je hoeft niet naar drie verschillende bedrijven te bellen en minutenlang in de wacht te staan. Eén belletje of mailtje naar ons en we gaan voor je aan de slag. Wil je meer details weten, kijk dan even op deze pagina FAQ

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