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Experience the best hosting services!

Guaranteed speed

Your website will never slow down with us. Our advanced hardware and software ensure that every page loads fast, giving you better search rankings and saving money on advertising.

Outstanding support

Count on our team of experts who are available every day, even outside regular business hours and weekends. As a reseller, we provide lightning-fast hosting partner support

Always scalable

Our hosting services are flexible and adjustable to accommodate your business growth. We are always ready to help!

Safe and worry-free

Trust us to keep your data secure. We perform up to 10 backups daily, guaranteeing the security of all your settings and data. No more worries about data loss!

Unbeatable security and reliability

Hackers and slow servers are a thing of the past. Our web hosting ensures your website resides on a fast, safe, and dependable server.

All data is stored in Europe and fully compliant, and our hosting partner features only ISO-certified data centers. Their enterprise-level security and encryption, combined with the most robust certifications, including ISO 27001 and PCI-DDS, guarantee maximum protection and peace of mind.

Discover the power of efficient web hosting!

Server quota: 1GB *
  • € 22.00
  • € 12.00 p/m
  • € 144.00 p/j
Server quota: 3 GB *
  • € 32.00
  • € 22.00 p/m
  • € 264.00 p/j
Server quota: 5 GB *
  • € 42.00
  • € 32.00 p/m
  • € 384.00 p/j
Looking for a tailor-made solution?
Need more than one account or a special setup for your business? We totally get it! We’re all ears, ready to bring your unique needs to life!
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* after renewal you pay the regular rate.

Zero maintenance and update worries

Running a successful business requires your full attention. Let us take care of the website maintenance and updates, while you focus on your core business operations.

Say goodbye to tedious plugin updates and website security concerns with our expert management services. And here’s the best part: if you choose one of our web hosting packages, WordPress site maintenance and updates are included as an additional service. We’ll handle all the technical aspects, ensuring your website stays secure, up-to-date, and performing at its best.

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Common questions

All questions

You don’t have to worry about our security policy; everything is optimally furnished. Think of planned maintenance, emergency patching and everything else that is needed in terms of scanners and security guards to keep viruses and other unwanted intruders out. For this we use, among other things, Imunify360.

And then part two of your question. The uptime is currently above 99.98%; You can check that yourself in your own statistics and in your cPanel. Don’t have a monitor yet? You can set it up easily and free of charge with UptimeRobot.

Our basis immediately sets high: optimal security of the servers. What else we organize in terms of security depends on your website and how it is structured. WordPress websites naturally have very good basic security. It is often themes, plugins and settings that cause the back door to open. Fortunately, our standard optimizations ensure that it is closed again.

For WordPress and WooCommerce we have tailor-made screening procedures. This ensures that we detect specific threats to the platform at lightning speed. Everything in that area is very well configured.

But with us you can always go one step further. For example, if you have a webshop, we recommend our premium optimization. It would go too far to elaborate here on usefulness and necessity. If you would like more information, please contact us.

We make backups of every account on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. These backups are stored on different hard disks in physical data centers. With one click we can perform a backup and a restore in your cPanel. If you are not sure whether you can change something on your website, for example because you are afraid of making a costly mistake, please contact us.

As a reseller, we have a team of experts at our disposal that assists us every day until 10.30 pm, including on weekends. They respond quickly and are as comprehensive as needed. And feel free to call, because no question is too much for them. They are eager to help you.

Of course we checked for you how responsive we are exactly. Here it comes. We handle 90 percent of our support requests in 60 minutes or less, and we’re seven times faster than the industry average. In addition, we are always active for you in the background, by screening 24/7 and notifying you in the event of suspicious discoveries.

Our reputation

Studio Ubique stands as your esteemed global partner in design and development, celebrated for its innovation and excellence.