The Contest

  • Studio Ubique participated in an international Web Design contest for Zeamo. Zeamo is an online fitness platform that is partnered with 720 gyms across 40 major U.S. cities and 17 international cities to sell day, week, and month passes.

  • The instructions where, ‘we would like a fresh, clean and energetic look. Total departure from our current colors and fonts is okay! Original artwork would be great as long as it looks professional and mature.

    Multiple colors encouraged. Minimalist font. Perhaps a white and gray background. Please use a different font than the one currently on our website’.


  • Futura PT Bold

  • Futura PT Book

The Result

  • Finally, we’re chosen from out 9 other Web Designers and 126 designs. The result? A clear, fresh, and conversion-oriented website with custom illustrations in combination with photo’s.

  • Does your website also need a redesign? Or do you want to have a Web Design converted into a WordPress CMS? Please contact us without obligation at info[at] We are happy to look with you at the possibilities for your website.

"Studio Ubique was incredibly receptive to feedback and always implemented our notes in a very timely manner. I'd also say: great communication... After trying out a handful of different ideas, we’re very happy with the results. I’d highly recommend!”

Colleen Patterson

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