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Webprepare is a web design and development agency focused on affordability and quality. Here you can find a professional website, always tailor-made, arranged from A to Z, in no time at all.

The Challenge

The client needed a website done using WordPress for easy management. It needed to represent the brand personality. The design needed to instantly attract potential clients.

The client also needed a dedicated page to clearly communicate the offers, making client acquisition an easy and smooth process.

Our Solution

An easy-to-manage website in WordPress

The client prefers to work with WordPress since they would continue to manage the page after it was finished.

A strikingly-blue design

Different tones of blue meet with white and orange for an aesthetically pleasing design. The underline accents and the message bubbles make this website something special.

A seamless layout

We designed a layout that could tell a story and walk the visitor through the website without overwhelming it.

Crystal-clear packages

We designed the packages page to be simple and easy to navigate. Web visitors know exactly what they get when they do business with Webprepare.

The Deliverables

  • Professional Web Design
  • Smooth UX Design
  • Potent website in WordPress


We’re Studio Ubique, an international design and development hub you can trust, backed by a wealth of experience and a bunch of great client experiences to prove it.