Live website Life-changing experiences underwater

The Shipwreck Survey is on a mission to explore earth’s last great frontier: the ocean. The team organizes unique underwater archeological expeditions for students and aficionados.

The Challenge

The client needed a new and fresh design for the website. The previous website wasn’t optimal or visually appealing: header texts were misaligned and some elements didn’t display correctly on mobile devices.

It also needed 2 additional pages to showcase the current research and another for a potential blog.

The previous design failed to visually represent Shipwreck’s mission, too. It lacked essential visual storytelling elements and stopped short of the client’s expectations.

The client desired this website to be a digital business card for the organization—to truly represent the beauty of underwater archeological expeditions.

Our Solution

A potent website in WordPress

We designed a powerful website in WordPress CMS so the client could continue to manage it… this time bug-free.

A mission-driven design

Our design implemented maritime elements like old world maps, compass rose, and diving helmets. To truly make visitors feel as if they are underwater, we strategically installed background images showcasing real expeditions.

A storytelling layout

Before visitors could have the adventure of a lifetime, they must immerse themselves in Shipwreck’s story. Our innovative UX design cuts through big chunks of text with aesthetic and modern fonts.

The Deliverables

  • Aesthetic web design
  • Smart UX design
  • Potent website in WordPress

Some comments

“On the phone it looks good and everything works and opens. Beautiful! Tight and quiet.”
“Super nice and sleek. Clear and packed with reading material, inspiring, good photos.”
“It looks great! I love how it’s organized and the stylish look of it.”
“Wow, website is really cool!!”

The result

“I was looking for a new design for my website, and chose Studio Ubique based on their portfolio that matches the style I had in mind. They really took the time to listen to my wishes, and have processed this in a great way in a new website with a fresh look that fits exactly with what I want to convey. Studio Ubique thought along with me at every step, and also ensured that the website loads quickly and is optimized for both desktop as mobile. Behind the scenes, they have set up the WordPress environment in such a way that I can quickly and easily change certain elements such as photos and text, without any knowledge of coding or web building. The collaboration with Studio Ubique was very pleasant. Communication was very fast and efficient, they are always there for you when you need them.”

– Ruud Stelten, Owner The Shipwreck Survey

Our reputation

Studio Ubique stands as your esteemed global partner in design and development, celebrated for its innovation and excellence.