The Challenge

  • Status:Q asked us to provide them an eCommerce website where they can sell their products online. Status:Q is a start up in the fashion watch market, based in Germany.

    Please create a landing page with the animation(s) in a cool, modern design. It should also have the option for the customer to register himself.

  • The purpose of the new website is to develop a stylish look that immediately attracts the attention of customers. In addition, it has been indicated that the website must be well-organized and organized. The customer must be able to navigate easily through the website and purchase the watch easily.


  • Futura PT

  • Eurostile

The Result

  • For the Status:Q webshop we have delivered the design, HTML5/ CSS3 a ndimplemented that using WordPress as CMS. Also in combination with WooCommerce and Bootstrap.

  • Thanks to that combination of technology, this eCommerce WordPress website is optimized and visible to everyone.

"Great contact and an absolutely great designer."

Sascha Kocis

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