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NowLive is a new-age digital talent management agency, focusing on creator incubation & management alongside creative content creation.

The Challenge

The client needed a website done using WordPress for easy management. It needed to represent the brand personality. The design needed to instantly attract potential clients.

The client also needed a dedicated page to clearly communicate the services, making client acquisition an easy and smooth process.

Our Solution

An easy-to-manage website in WordPress

We chose WordPress as our CMS because it can evolve with the business, thanks to its impressive features.

A sleek website

We designed a layout that could tell a story and walk the visitor through the website without overwhelming it.

Easy navigation without distractions

Less is more when it comes to a pleasant user experience. Web visitors can see quickly the services or get in touch in just 2 to 3 clicks.

The Deliverables

  • Sleek web design
  • Seamless UX design
  • Potent website in WordPress

The Result

“Fastest time ever for a premium website. Willing to make changes, always friendly and helpful – 100% recommend for start-ups and large businesses alike”

– Louisa, Owner NowLive

Our reputation

Studio Ubique stands as your esteemed global partner in design and development, celebrated for its innovation and excellence.