Live website Today, one in four hooks in the world is made by Mustad

For the number one producer of fishing hooks worldwide, Mustad, we're asked to redesign the eCommerce website. Studio Ubique is proud on the results we've achieved.

The Challenge

The client wanted to revamp the old website but had no idea where to start. The brand’s catalog was expanding, but the current website didn’t support that growth.

Although the website was great, it was difficult for the visitor to find their product and they were quickly lost.

The website needed a more attractive design and a seamless checkout process to delight customers. Also, there were too many sections on the old website that only distract the visitor.

The client wanted to redesign their 3 multibrand websites to give them each their own feel in combination with their guidelines.

Our Solution

A clean eCommerce Web Design

We chose to design this website with Adobe XD, starting with the desktop resolution and convert it from there to mobile. Despite mobile first, the focus is also imposed here on what can be seen in the thumb-friendly navigation and user-friendly designs.

Focus on eCommerce

Ecommerce is #1 focus on all three sites with some sort of multibrand connect as we integrated on top of the navigation. The framework of these 3 sites should be the same, with personality shown through the button styles, iconography, and design details.

A modern-looking layout

We designed a clean and slick design, based on their brand toolkit with big and small font sizes, and image frames for a sleek and aesthetically pleasing layout.

A highly-converting product page

The lifeline of an eCommerce website is the product pages. We designed an intuitive product page that answers all the questions a customer might have, incorporating best practices of UX design.

The Deliverables

  • Smart UX design
  • Improved customer journey
  • Attractive layout
  • Improved product sales

The Result

“Quick, efficient, and understood our wishes while knowing where he could be creative. Will work with Studio Ubique again”

Eddie Payton,
Marketing Manager at Mustad


We’re Studio Ubique, an international design and development hub you can trust, backed by a wealth of experience and a bunch of great client experiences to prove it.