The Challenge

  • At the end of 2017, Herman Smit took the step to start his own business as an accounting firm. Expert in the tax-legal field, also financial and business economist with a heart for agriculture.

    Studio Ubique was asked for creating the branding and the website. Subsequently, specialists were hired by us such as a copywriter and a photographer for the website.

  • We started with the branding and after finalizing that part, we create wireframes based on the research and written text. To give an recognizable online ‘face’, the photographer went to work. With the help of these images we set up a beautiful contemporary and unique WordPress website, that gives the visitor a better view of

    With a focus on conversion, both the User Experience and the customer flow were investigated during the design phase and optimally organized.


  • Playfair

  • Sofia Pro

The Result

  • And the result? Local fame, a growing customer base, working with 3 people in-house and moved to a larger building.

  • Do you also want to grow and take advantage of opportunities? Is your website also in need of a renewal? Please contact us without obligation on 0341 759 045. We are happy to look with you at the possibilities for your company!

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