Live website Making humanity, unity, and resilience go viral.

Grit is a social enterprise born out of the increasing divide experienced in America and the world. Its mission is to make unity viral, one small kind act at a time.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a modern and professional website that could attract the younger generations. Part of the initial solution was Squarespace, but the client considered the templates amateur.

The new website needed a seamless cart solution to receive donations. Also, their website needed to tell a story—it needed to convince visitors that they, too, could make a change.

Our Solution

An interactive website in WordPress

Our interactive layout in WordPress uses animations that cut through big chunks of text, making it easier for visitors to learn and be excited about Grit’s story.

A mission-driven design

The entire design revolves around grit, resilience, and kindness. So, we designed the About page to tell a story—the story of humanity during the pandemic.

An impactful typography

The bloodline of a nonprofit is donations and volunteering. But this is impossible to do without a clear message and a font that conveys it. We installed specific fonts that highlight the important, shout the urgent, and describe the story.

The Deliverables

  • Interactive design
  • Smart UX/UI design
  • Potent website in WordPress
  • Seamless donations with WooCommerce

The Result

“Working with Studio Ubique exceeded every expectation I have ever had! The incredible creativity, hard work, and flexibility that Lennart and his team showed were so impressive during the entire process. They are also highly versed in the newest trends …”

– Lucas B., Owner The Grit Movement


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