The Challenge

  • Studio Ubique could witness the birth of a new brand: Develu e-bikes in Nunspeet. An e-bike outlet center in Nunspeet that has to become highly distinctive between the already known e-bike specialists in the area.

    Beautiful challenge for us!

  • The main goal for the branding would be to develop a unique, unique and recognizable style. For the web design to inspire the visitor and have a showroom visit planned in Nunspeet. There is the opportunity to experience the e-bike in the showroom.


  • Avenir Next

  • Playfair Display

The result

  • Due to a large focus on experience and the use of a distinctive color combination, we succeeded in this. As little as possible scrolling, quick and easy to order an e-bike online but also ensure that the visitor can make an appointment quickly.

    Every time it is a wonderful challenge to develop a web design with a well thought-out User Experience (UX) plan. Who do we create the website for? And what are the goals?

  • This resulted in one, we think, beautiful and also unique web design, very distinctive between the ‘established e-bike specialists’.

    Eventually we converted the design to HTML / CSS and implemented it in WordPress CMS.

    Mission accomplished!

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