Amata Financial Technologies
Live website Amata Financial Technologies wanted to supercharge their recruitment process and maximize employee satisfaction - so they called on us for help.

We designed them a spiffy new logo, then conjured up an innovative website using the power of CSS3 & ReactJS! Talk about awesome teamwork!

The Brief

Amata Financial Technologies is looking for their next great logo and brand identity pack! They need something bold enough to stand out against the competition, yet simple in design. At its core this package needs to radiate professionalism while exuding an inviting atmosphere that reflects their technology-led innovation within the mortgage loan space – a modern mark of success awaits them!

Logo design Amata Financial Technologies
Logo design Amata Financial Technologies on a dark background

The result

Amata Financial Technologies wanted to create something that embodied their commitment to innovation, so they looked no further than and for inspiration! For the logo, a butterfly was chosen as it represents transformation which is what AFT strives to bring about in the loan space – an inviting atmosphere with trustworthiness through warm professional colors and simple yet bold design elements- perfect for people ready explore this new world of opportunity!

Amata logo watermark
Amata logo watermark

The result

After creating a logo and brand that truly embodies the spirit of Amata Financial Technologies, we were ready to begin shaping our website! We made sure every element was in perfect harmony – modern typography mixed with iconic color schemes combined beautifully. Plus, each visual feature is strategically designed for an easy journey from point A to B so customers can make decisions on-the-fly without hassle or confusion. In short? Our inclusive platform speaks volumes about who we are as an organization while providing ultimate convenience & clarity for visitors seeking financial solutions thoughtfully tailored just right.

Amata home page UX/UI design
Desktop UX/UI design Amata Financial Technologies

The development

Our team of developers created an amazing application with a mission to make it intuitive and smooth for users. Utilizing ReactJs – the modern JavaScript library- their work enabled rapid prototyping, resulting in lightning fast development and superb UX/UI flow! In no time at all we had crafted something our users found simple yet powerful – exactly what they asked for. Kudos to our talented dev squad who have made us proud by producing such high quality results using ReactJS!

Graphic illustration design Amata Financial Technologies
Graphic illustration design Amata Financial Technologies
Graphic illustration and UX/UI design Amata Financial Technologies
Graphic illustration and UX/UI design Amata Financial Technologies

The Result

Studio Ubique continue to do really excellent work! They are great at taking direction, but also willing to advise when ideas clash with good design. A great team to work with.

Christian Vavuris, Co-Owner Amata


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