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Live website Revolutionizing AGN: A Bold New Brand for Tomorrow

When AGN Grass made the decision to makeover their brand and rename it into 'AGN', they sought out the innovative expertise of Studio Ubique. The project involved a comprehensive overhaul of AGN website and branding, and Studio Ubique worked closely with them to understand their every need. After providing a detailed quote, we quickly got to work on crafting a visually striking and functional website using WordPress as the CMS. The end result? A seamless, updated brand identity that is sure to turn heads.

Unleashing a Bold New Identity: AGN’s Visually Stunning Design

AGN needed a fresh design that matched its new identity, and Studio Ubique delivered that and so much more. The result was a modern and captivating design that highlighted AGN’s dedication to innovation and excellence. The website’s sleek and engaging visuals were perfectly aligned with AGN’s rebranding objectives, creating a seamless and immersive user experience. Get ready for a bold and dynamic new AGN, thanks to a visionary design that is sure to make waves.

Striking the Perfect Balance: Modern Design for High Conversion

At Studio Ubique, we know that balancing a modern look with a focus on conversion is key. That’s why we designed AGN’s website to showcase their products without overwhelming visitors with information. We made it easy for visitors to explore AGN’s artificial grass options with a prominent “Sample & Quote Request” section. Our interactive elements and highlighting options guide users through the product selection process, ensuring a seamless user journey and a beautiful experience. With our design, we increase the chances of conversion while still delivering a modern aesthetic.

Focused on Dealers: Strengthening Relationships

AGN’s core focus is on dealers in the artificial grass industry. Studio Ubique showcased AGN’s exceptional skill in serving dealers to emphasize this focus. The website communicated AGN’s commitment to creating lasting partnerships with dealers through prominent features of AGN’s team and their expertise. AGN positioned itself as the dependable provider of artificial grass, tailoring its delivery to dealers’ specific needs and demands.

Streamlining Dealer Processes with Customized Database: Boost Efficiency Now

Studio Ubique’s custom database solution seamlessly merges with AGN’s website, empowering dealers with quick and easy access to personalized accounts. From requesting product quotes to samples, dealers are in control. They are verified using our smart tool that sends unique codes to maintain security and authenticity. With a comprehensive database, AGN can easily manage user profiles and generate exports that integrate into their CRM system. This optimize the processes, reduces administrative workload, and elevates customer satisfaction.

Join us to streamline your dealer processes today!

Discover Our Products with Ease: Intuitive Design for Quick Selection

The WordPress websiteWordPress features a clean and intuitive design that makes exploring AGN’s product range a breeze. With comprehensive search and filter options, finding the perfect artificial grass has never been easier. Clear product specifications and the option to request samples or view specifications only ensures you make the right choice. And for any questions, our streamlined “Contact Us” page promotes seamless communication with our team to ensure a smooth customer experience. Explore the products today at

The Thrilling Journey of Design and Development: Creating and Delivering with Joy

Experience the thrill of Studio Ubique’s design and development expertise with the exhilarating AGN project. Our team had the liberty to create a visually striking website focused on conversion, adhering to the latest trends and maintaining clarity throughout. The development aspect was seamlessly executed to cater to all of AGN’s requirements. To further enhance the website’s reach, we included a multilingual function in the final stages. Witness our unparalleled capabilities as we deliver exceptional design and development solutions for your brand.

One-click Quotes and Samples: The Fast and Easy Way

AGN’s quote and sample request process is a breeze with just three simple steps. Firstly, select your desired type of artificial grass. Secondly, specify the width and length of the product you need and make a choice to request a sample or receive specifications only. Lastly, review your request and submit it with a single click for fast and easy processing! This streamlined process ensures that dealers can effortlessly navigate the request process with efficient communication and minimal errors.

A Bold and Collaborative Victory: Our Gratitude and Promise

With immense gratitude, Studio Ubique thanks AGN for the honor of collaborating on an exciting project. Our partnership resulted in a remarkable website transformation that captured AGN’s new brand identity flawlessly. We pledge to future clients that Studio Ubique will always provide top-notch solutions for every design and development challenge – no matter how complex or straightforward.

Trust us to tackle every project with dedication and expertise, delivering nothing less than extraordinary results.

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