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Wie zijn we?

In a nutshell..

Studio Ubique is het agency of Lennart de Ridder. I am an experienced Web Designer and UI/UX designer with more than 15 years of experience. Together with my close team of developers in India I work for national and international customers.

In een notendop...

Studio Ubique is het bureau van Lennart de Ridder, aangenaam. Ik ben een ervaren webdesigner en IA- & UX-designer met meer dan 15 jaar ervaring. Samen met mijn hechte team van ontwikkelaars in India werk ik voor nationale en internationale klanten.

Studio Ubique, aangenaam

How to accomplish your online dream?

Whatever the assignment, its important to listen carefully to you. That way, we can make exactly what you have in mind. Before we actually start designing and developing, we’ll always ask you questions. So we know exactly what you do like and don’t like.

This can relate to a lot of things, such as your branding colors, content, images, number of pages and the navigation structure. Because, you do not build a house without blueprints we think!