That’s where we come in! We’ll take care of all the tedious technical stuff for you, so your website can be running like a well-oiled machine. We’ll make sure everything is secure and up-to-date, leaving you free to concentrate on what really matters – making that cash money!

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Let's get this party started!

It’s time to let the good times roll! Relinquish responsibility for your website and allow us to take care of it. We’ve got all of the must-have plugins, themes, backups – you name it! So kick back and relax ’cause we have totally got this.

What we do for you:

  • Ensure that you have the latest updates for plugins, themes, and your website platform;
  • Keep your website secure with top-of-the-line security measures;
  • Relax knowing that we’re monitoring your website 24/7, so you’ll be the first to know if anything goes awry;
  • Rely on our daily backup system that stores up to 90 days of data. That way, even in the event of a catastrophe, you can get back up and running in no time.

Your website will be unstoppable with our maintenance services!

Don't let technical blunders stand in the way of your success - we'll help you find that hidden digital gold.

Let us do the tech-stuff

Stop worrying about the fine print and leave it to us! Keep your website safe, secure, and up-to-date like a well oiled machine – no need for extra work on your end. With our techy wizardry in play you can just kick back with some popcorn while watching business success come rolling through.

Protecting your website

At the top of our list is making sure your website stays safe! We’ve got you covered with everything from physical key control and ‘clean desk’ policies to password managers that are mandatory. Plus, we stay on high alert – blocking suspicious IPs after failed login attempts, monitoring user activity closely, and continuously checking up on uptime so that you can sleep easy!

We've got your back!

You don’t have to worry – we’re here for you! Our standard maintenance plan gives you daily backups of your website and all its associated data, so it’s safe with us. Need even more protection? No issue: just ask us about our hourly backup package perfect for busy websites or those massive e-commerce operations. We’ve gotcha covered!

At Studio Ubique, we don't just keep your website safe and data secure - it's our top priority!

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Our clients are raving: here's why!

Now, you may be thinking "But wait a minute, isn't open source supposed to be secure?"

Well, sure it is. But sometimes even the best of us can get hacked. Don't worry though - we'll make sure we keep everything safe and sound with our weekly and monthly maintenance services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a business owner, your time is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted on tedious website maintenance and updates. Let us take care of all the technical bits for you, so that you can concentrate your energy on what truly matters – growing your business. We can handle all the backend stuff, so your website runs smoothly and stays secure, while you focus on the stuff that really counts. Don’t worry, we won’t be changing any of the content, we’ll just make sure everything is running at peak performance so you can get back to business!

You don’t have to worry about our security policy; everything is optimally furnished. Think of planned maintenance, emergency patching and everything else that is needed in terms of scanners and security guards to keep viruses and other unwanted intruders out. For this we use, among other things, Imunify360.

And then part two of your question. The uptime is currently above 99.98%; You can check that yourself in your own statistics and in your cPanel. Don’t have a monitor yet? You can set it up easily and free of charge with UptimeRobot.

No need to fear costly mistakes on your website! We’ve got your back – literally. With our daily, weekly, and monthly backups stored across multiple hard drives and physical data centers you can rest assured that if something doesn’t go according to plan we can quickly restore it with just one click.

As a reseller, we have a team of experts at our disposal that assists us every day until 10.30 pm, including on weekends. They respond quickly and are as comprehensive as needed. And feel free to call, because no question is too much for them. They are eager to help you.

Of course we checked for you how responsive we are exactly. Here it comes. We handle 90 percent of our support requests in 60 minutes or less, and we’re seven times faster than the industry average. In addition, we are always active for you in the background, by screening 24/7 and notifying you in the event of suspicious discoveries.

Absolutely! In fact, we think it’s fantastic to host your site because now we can optimally maintain your website for you. For example, we ensure that it is always up-to-date, that backups are made regularly and that it is monitored 24/7. And we can arrange even more for you. How about letting us manage your domain name and email (in the cloud)? Super smart, because if we have a complete overview of your online environment, we can trace and resolve any malfunctions for you in no time. You don’t have to call three different companies and be on hold for minutes.