Design and redesign for existing and new websites or online stores.

‘I want a new web design’, we regularly hear from customers and prospects. You often don’t know exactly what you want.

Do you recognize that? We understand that very well, because there is a lot involved in web design. It is about appearance, colors and buttons but also about logic, convenience, speed, etc. Web design is our expertise. In 15 years we have been able to help many companies with seductive and targeted web design.

Therefore, we’re sure we can work it out together. Contact us, call +31 (0)85 – 0607 436 or mail , and tell us your ideas and wishes. Do you already have a briefing? Let’s discuss the design right away. Check out our recent web designs for inspiration.


The start of a website starts with a wireframe. With a wireframe you record the structure and functionalities of a website, online store or application. A wireframe forces choices that save time and costs at a later stage. After all, you ensure in advance that you know exactly when you will build what. That works more effectively and faster.


Smoothly functioning functionalities on a website, online store or application are important for the visitor’s experience. To achieve smooth running functionalities, we use UI Design. UI stands for User Interface. The visitor’s experience with the functionalities is the starting point. The UI Designer optimises the functionalities of a website, online store or application.


A website that works surprisingly simple. Don’t you want that for every visitor to your website? To achieve this, we use UX Design. UX stands for User Experience. The UX Designer strives for an optimal User Experience for all visitors. After all, you are happy to share a pleasant experience and contribute to the confidence in your company.

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Why Studio Ubique for your Web Design?

Web Design is well thought out and goes beyond design alone. After all, website design must ensure that visitors find what they are looking for and do what you want them to do: buy, call or send a form, without personal contact. To this end, we use the techniques of wireframe, UI design and UX design. With this we remove barriers and ensure trust and the best visitor experience. This is important when there is no person you can ask directly.

"He is a very reliable designer. He delivered everything quickly as planned. Communication is also efficient during my two projects. I really recommend it for your project."

- Monica

Custom Web Design plans

Choose customization or a template website. Our websites are optimized for
tablet and mobile. Safe, fast and reliable.

€ 390,-

or € 32,- p/m
  • Custom designed home page
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • In your corporate identity
  • With your texts and images
  • We supply: PSD file(s)
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€ 650,-

or € 53,- p/m
  • Custom designed pages: 3
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • In your corporate identity
  • With your texts and images
  • We supply: PSD file(s)
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Most popular

€ 1.350,-

or € 109,- p/m
  • Custom designed pages: 7
  • Optimised for mobile devices
  • In your corporate identity
  • With your texts and images
  • We supply: PSD file(s)
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Prefer 100% custom work?

Call or mail us and we will tell you everything. So you can make the right decision.

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Who do we work for?

Studio Ubique works for starters, advertising agencies and fellow web developers. Are you a starter? Then you prefer to get started quickly and effectively with a sparkling website. Of course a bit attractive from a budgetary point of view. I will arrange for you!

Advertising agencies and fellow Web Developers also hire me for Web Design or Web Development. I often get the question to convert a Web Design to responsive HTML/CSS or to deliver it in WordPress. Anyway, I like to help with the online success of customers and fellow entrepreneurs.

Honors & Awards

Studio Ubique likes a challenge. That is why we regularly participate in design competitions and compete against the world’s largest web designers. Often successful because we have already won more than 47 competitions with our designs. Do you have a nice challenge for us? Tell us.

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