Everything about Formula 1, Max Verstappen and more!

Not recently realized, but Formula 1 is still up-to-date. That’s why we remain happy and proud of this design and its implementation on behalf of First Place Media. Developed and designed in 2018 and despite the many information flows, GPToday remains clear and manageable.

GPToday is a Formula 1 website with all current information about: races, results and other interesting Formula 1 news. And the possibility to place advertising.

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  • Client: GPToday
  • Deliverables: Web Design, UX, Development
  • Technology: HTML & CSS
Project - GPToday homepage
Project - GPToday Coureur van het weekend
Project - GPToday Max Verstappen
Project - GPToday met Kimi Raikkonen
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Project - GPToday
Project - GPToday
Project - GPToday