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Owner Tartarus

“I have nothing but good things to say – the designer was quick and responsive to my needs and delivered exactly what I wanted. Well done.”

Simon Kaserer

Geschäftsführer Cross-Link Switzerland

“As a web agency, we are holding lots of web design contests. I knew Studio Ubique already before, because earlier, he won a web design gold contest and client and we were very happy with the results back then. But now we were looking for the web design of our own web agency company.”

“We prepared this web design contest for over a year and our expectations were very high. From the 80+ designer who participated, only very few were kept active and from the beginning on, we were lucky to have Studio Ubique on board. Because his design ideas were outstanding, right from the beginning.

At the end of the qualification round, he delivered the best design. He took so much efforts in order that we achieve the best possible design, that before the final round, we told ourselves: Let’s stop let him design more work and think about how to continue. From our perspective, his design work was so much better than everything else and also we had a lot of trust in his work and character, that we decided to start the final round only with him and no other design.

There are several aspects of his work, that made him outstanding:
– He reads the briefing from beginning to end and is interested to understand what client wants.
– He designs not only what we ask for in the briefing, but he also thinks about other solutions. For example our content inputs were not so extensive. But he was thinking for us and made suggestions what other content we can use. This is a great advantage for us, having him not only stick with the details, delivered from us.
– His work is very professional. We can show the work around and even show it to other professional designers, the reaction is always the same: It gives a “wow” impression. And this was exactly the high expectation we had. This is not only shown in nice and creative design work, but also in professional work with fonts and structuring a thread.
– He is not about making the fast prize money, but he is really about making client happy, we really feel and appreciate that.

Right now, we are in the final round, still developing the web design. But it was time to already say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Chris Fabozzi

Account Executive at ColoCrossing, NY - USA

“Studio Ubique did a wonderful job on our website project, we were very impressed and couldn’t have asked for a better website. We worked with him to do additional pages after the contest was over. Would recommend to anyone that wants a professional look…”

“We worked with him to do additional pages after the contest was over. Would recommend to anyone that wants a professional looking website.”

E.M. Opgelder

HR-Specialist & eigenaar FlevoDirect uitzendbureau Zeewolde

“Samenwerking FlevoDirect uitzendbureau met Studio Ubique. Studio Ubique heeft vanaf de re-make van ons logo diverse opdrachten gekregen zoals het neerzetten van een nieuwe huisstijl en het creëren van een volledig nieuwe website. De laatste opdracht was het maken van een online- en offline campagne voor het promoten van vakantiekrachten en vakantiewerk, deze heeft hij volledig verzorgd voor ons, van het maken en printen van Full-color flyers, grote A0 posters, digitale banners tot aan dedicated landingspagina’s ter …”

Miguel Delgado

Owner Delgado Family Vineyard

“Very talented designer. He has a very artistic and balanced eye. Easy to work with and prompt. I will use him again in the future.”



“Very friendly, great at understanding feedback and translating it into a beautiful design.”



“Studio Ubique was super easy to work with, very responsive, and created design to spec. Will work with on future projects.”

James Taliento

Owner - Cursive Security

“Studio Ubique exceeded my expectations. I have had many websites over the years and have worked with many designers, but Studio Ubique made the most innovative, eye catching, quality design that I am 100% confident my customers would agree.”

“I can’t thank them enough. This was the best experience that I have had working with a designer. Thank you so much!”

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