We will see the different steps to create a professional website with WordPress, the most used CMS worldwide.

Some steps when creating a website with WordPress will be more general, and others specific to this Content Management System.

Why WordPress web design?

WordPress is nowadays the most famous and widespread CMS in the market. Millions of websites use it around the world, and it has a large community of developers who update and monitor the content manager optimizing its performance. So if you decide that your corporate website or project is based on WordPress, you will have an updatable, versatile, and secure CMS.

Its simple yet powerful backend makes WordPress a universal platform that can be easily managed without technical knowledge and includes a wealth of resources and tools that can be effectively integrated into your website. Its ease of use is the main reason millions of companies choose WordPress. This easy-to-use platform requires zero programming skills and will allow anyone within the company to update the website easily and effectively after it has been designed.

In addition, WordPress is developed with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript technologies that comply with international coding standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

In Studio Ubique, we recommend developing web projects in WordPress in many cases, as it reduces costs when creating a professional website and allows you to have a self-manageable and 100% secure website. However, in instances where WordPress does not fit your web project, we also offer custom programming and development.

WordPress websites for corporate Blogs

By default, WordPress incorporates all the features of a blog: display articles in blog format, organization of articles by tags and categories, ability to add comments to entries, etc.

Additionally, WordPress allows you to add widgets on the web: blog tags list, categories, search engine, most read articles, latest comments, etc.

For these reasons, WordPress is the best tool for creating a corporate blog. In addition, the ease of use of WordPress allows anyone to manage and update the blog with zero complications.

WordPress Design for Corporate Websites

Suppose you need to create a website to inform about all the business aspects that concern your business. In that case, WordPress is the easiest to manage, the most versatile, and the one that offers a more significant number of functionalities.

WordPress offers a large number of templates (free and paid) of varied designs and styles that can be adapted to each website, whether your preferences point to a minimalist design or if you prefer to create a website with lots of information. On the other hand, if you want to create a highly customized website in WordPress, we can develop and design your website according to your preferences and needs.

WordPress allows you to create as many sections as you need on your website to organize the web content and provide maximum usability and user experience UX. In addition to static pages within your website or corporate blog, WordPress allows you to add functionalities such as contact forms, directories, forums, etc. Apart from online stores, corporate blogs, and corporate websites, WordPress is a platform that allows you to extend the possibilities of any website.

Converting a complete HTML site to WordPress

To convert an HTML site to WordPress, you can either use a plugin, manually convert your files or use a child theme and transfer the HTML files to that child theme.

Create a folder for your theme and add the files of the standard theme
Create a folder to store all the necessary files for your theme on your computer. Name the folder whatever you want, preferably giving it a name you can remember.

Create the following essential theme files:

  • Style.css
  • Index.php
  • Header.php
  • Sidebar.php
  • Footer.php

Feel free to open them in your code or text editor, as you will be editing them in the future. There is no need to add any code to the files from now on. Just leave them in the folder.

Also, you can start by creating them as TXT files. If you then change the file extension – from .txt to .php or from .txt to .css – your computer automatically adjusts it to the correct file format. For example, by adding the .css extension, the file becomes a cascading style sheet.

Transfer the current CSS from your existing WordPress site to the new folder.

You should already have a theme installed on your current WordPress site. If not, install a theme to help you with this part.

You will use the current theme’s CSS as a base, building on it in the style.css file with your site’s HTML files. So, copy the stylesheet header from your WordPress site into the new style.css file.

Website usability test

Having an attractive website is vital. Although recent studies have shown that aesthetics bring credibility, providing the best user experience is critical. To achieve this, you should perform at least one usability test of your website.

Usability testing is a series of actions to evaluate the usability of your website from the end user’s perspective. This test involves a group of representatives giving feedback on your website’s quality. The more difficulties encountered, the more improvements are needed.

Not only that, most people come to a website for specific needs, such as booking a ticket or looking for information. They often spend a minimal amount of time doing such things. If a website doesn’t meet those needs easily and quickly, it will move on to another website that will.

With a focus on providing the best user experience, usability testing should cover all development processes of website creation.

At Studio Ubique, we are experts in WordPress web design. We like to program, develop and design web projects based on this famous and versatile content management system. Therefore, we define ourselves as a web agency WordPress expert; if you need additional information about our WordPress development services, do not hesitate to contact us.


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