What is back-end development anyway?

Back-end development is like the strong foundation of a house – everything in your tech world stays secure and connected because of our fearless developers. Our back-end superheroes create server side stuff, keep databases safe from harm and handle requests to make sure all business logic works smoothly. Without them we’d be lost at sea so let’s give ’em a round(house) kick for making life on the internet just awesomely easier!

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Our back-end development services

CMS development

From WordPress to Webflow, and WooCommerce or Shopify– you name it! Our back-end development team is ready with the arsenal of CMS tools at their fingertips. Need a custom theme or plugin? No problemo! Whether you just need a simple blog for your cat pictures (we all love those) or an eCommerce website worthy of Fortune 500 status … we can make that happen – stat

Coding expertise

We’ve got coding expertise that’s out of this world – our back-end developers are like wizards working their digital magic with languages such as PHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel and CakePHP! Keeping up on the hottest industry trends means we stay streets ahead in delivering code that is both cutting edge and reliable. So rest easy knowing your project will be secure too!

Custom development

Does your website or app need to stand out and be as unique as you? Our back-end development team can make it happen! We’ll take the time to really get in tune with what kind of web solution meets all your business needs, while staying within both budget and timeline. Plus, whatever custom CMS or application environment we create will truly bring that special vision of yours into reality – no problemo!

Our digital journey

Welcome aboard the digital express! It’s time to shape those brilliant ideas into a digital masterpiece, and we’re here every step of the way. In these starting blocks, we’ll dive deep into the technical details, ensuring we understand your project’s requirements inside out. Curious about our approach? Just ask. We’ll jump on a video call, lay out the technical roadmap, and align every gear for the exciting ride ahead.

Watch the magic happen! Our expert team will collaborate with you to architect and develop the robust backbone of your application. We’re talking about scalable solutions and efficient data management behind the scenes. Prepare to be impressed as your concept transforms into a functional powerhouse!

Spotlights on you – it’s your moment! We’ve got the backend humming and the quality dialed to top-notch. Our eagle-eyed team is all over testing, ensuring the security and performance of your application. Launch day? Piece of cake. Expect nothing less than a seamless deployment onto the digital stage. Ready, set, soar!

Think of Studio Ubique as your digital guardian angel — we stick around long after the launch fireworks. Continuously optimizing, addressing performance bottlenecks, and implementing updates, we ensure your application stays in peak condition. Encounter a technical challenge or need an enhancement? Buzz us. We’re on deck to ensure your digital presence keeps evolving and excelling. Together, we’ll navigate the complexities of back-end development and keep you at the forefront of digital innovation!

At Studio Ubique, we’re not just about building digital projects; we’re crafting digital experiences. And we’re thrilled to be doing it with you.

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Frequently asked questions

Back-end development is the unsung hero of website or web application success. Without it, your site could be like a car stuck in mud with no route to engine power – hardly going anywhere! It’s crucial for managing data and interacting with powerful third-party services so that everything runs smoothly on your end. In short: don’t skimp out when it comes to back-end dev… your online project deserves top performance after all!

Our back-end development crew can write code that’ll knock your socks off! Whether it’s the popular PHP, CodeIgniter and Laravel frameworks or their lesser known cousins CakePHP and Yii – we got you covered. Plus, our ninja coders always stay ahead of the curve due to their commitment to keep up with industry trends so they can construct outstanding programming solutions faster than a speeding bullet!

You bet! Our back-end dev team knows their stuff when it comes to hooking up websites and web applications with third party platforms. Don’t stress if you’re not sure what app is right for your business – we’ll help you find the perfect match, whether that’s Facebook or Twitter for socializing, Shopify or WooCommerce for buying and selling online…and more!

Got a website or web-app? Let us help keep ’em running like clockwork! We provide everything you need to ensure your project is up-to-date and secure. From fixing bugs, applying security patches and even adding extra bells & whistles— whatever it may be we gotcha covered!

Our reputation

Studio Ubique stands as your esteemed global partner in design and development, celebrated for its innovation and excellence.